Get all your questions about Tucson answered without spending hours on the internet.

Are you thinking of moving to Tucson Arizona? Want to escape the cold winters of the north, pursue a new job, get a degree or get transferred by the military?

About a year ago I was given the opportunity to pack up my family and transfer from Michigan to Tucson AZ. I had never even been to Arizona and thus had a lot of questions. The information I found was vague, shallow and/or disorganized. I kept coming back to, “I wish I just knew someone who lived there to talk to.” But I didn’t have that person, and the move turned into a scary foray into the unknown. A year later, I’m incredibly happy with the result – but I don’t want anyone else to have to go in blind. Over the past year I have aggressively explored the city, made friends, asked a million questions and tried to milk Tucson for every experience its worth. I lay out all of my knowledge in this comprehensive 15,000 word ebook.

Imagine being able to sit down with a bunch of people who live and work all over Tucson from all walks of life and ask them about their experience. That’s exactly what this book does! I interview 10 people who live in different areas of the city from all walks of life. I interviewed:

-A member of the military stationed at the base

-A University of Arizona graduate student

-A public school teacher about the best schools

-Stay at home mom

– Many more! Including banker, filmmaker, pastor and editor

I had so many questions – how hot does it get? Will there be snakes in my backyard? What part of the city should I live in? Where are the best schools? Where are the best restaurants? What kind of jobs are there? Answering these and many other questions has been my mission for the past year. This ebook gives you access to everything I’ve discovered through my own experience as well as the experience of those I’ve interviewed.

You may be thinking, “that’s all fine and good…but $14.99?” I wish I could have only spent $14.99 to learn all of this information! Not only will this book answer the major question like “what part of town should I live in,” but it contains many money-saving tips from the locals. For example – did you know there is a smartphone app that gets you free admission to almost every attraction in Tucson? That info alone is worth more than the cost of the book. Moving is scary and stressful – make it easier on yourself by arming yourself with local knowledge before you load up the truck.

Don’t waste any more time searching forums and blogs – you have packing to do! Click below to download the ebook and start discovering what the locals know!

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